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I am not sure that I understand what you are asking. But there is not provision to display a crosshair over preview images, over images on the imaging screen, or in presentation mode.


Let me speculate why that may be....


First, the Frame and Focus screen has the crosshair because that is where you would move the mount to center your target. In a typical workflow framing and focusing are both operations that would be accomplished before starting your capture plan.


Second, if you try to move the scope while imaging you must be careful to do it in a way that does not upset autoguiding. Also, moving the scope after starting an imaging run can make it a challenge to align the images during stacking.


Third, you will always have to crop the image to remove edge artifacts so the final crop can bring the target to the center of the image, although centering it may not be always desired.


A tool like AstroTortilla does a very good job of adjusting the pointing of a telescope to center a particular celestial coordinate. AT can just as easily center the telescope to the coordinates of a previous image or a bookmarked location. This fits into the workflow well when it is used before autoguiding is active.

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Sorry astroman,

    Let me see if I can clear my info. Ok when i slew to my target. Then I take a shot of my target with Canon 750D 20s/12800iso . So of course the target isn't centered. So I go to the hand controller and set slew to 2. Then I try to slew my target to the center by holding the button counting 3-4 sec in the direction you choose. Then I take another shot (20s/12800iso) to see if i'm centered. I may have to do this routine a few times tell "I THINK I'm centered" . So basically I wish that BYE would add something to the interface of the software. Like having a Crosshair Key button that we can click on/off in Preview Mode. So if BYE was set up like that and me using my routine to center my target. I would feel comfortable that my target I'm imagining is very close to center of my image. Hope I'm made myself clear and thanks for the reply


Thank You


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The Frame and Focus screen allows you to display LiveView images and to take still photos. You can display both a crosshair and the zoom box in that mode. This is different from Preview or Imaging modes.


Preview mode (Premium or Trial versions only) allows you to view images that were previously taken as well as to create, edit and save capture plans while not connected with a camera.


Imaging mode lets you execute a capture plan and view the captured images.


Click on the ? button at the right end of the BYE title bar to launch the User Guide then search for Crosshair for a description of the crosshair that is displayed on the Frame and Focus screen. By clicking on the associated button the crosshair can be used to toggle the visibility of the crosshair. I believe that this is what you are asking for. Again, it is only supported on the Frame and Focus screen, which is the screen which should be active when you are framing the target.

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