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Interactive Camera Information Center



Would it be possible to make the fields in the Camera Information Center active like in the program that comes with the camera.

I have found it useful to be able to be live viewing something, and double clicking on lets say the ISO and changing it to the max.

Then, I would instantly see more stars and detail in the live view screen.




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So what you are asking for is an easy way to change the LiveView exposure and/or ISO settings to the Maximum sensitivity settings and then just as easily revert them back to what they were. Ideally this would be only a single click.


I would let Guylain decide how best to do that, but I can see that it would make Frame and Focus use, when switching between LiveView and Snapping Framing exposures, more convenient.


Good suggestion!

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Hi, Rick.

Actually, that was just a suggestion to show my meaning.

In reality, the Canon EOS utility lets you select any setting (ISO, Shutter Speed, White balance, Picture Type(Raw, JPG large med small etc),F-Stop) and each one has a range of all possible settings to choose from.

If he has the EOS utility you can easily see the little window with all the choices.

So I am suggesting making the BYE's Camera Information Center emulate the Canon EOS window to change any of the values.



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OK, I am going to play devil's advocate for a second.


Why would making BYE look like the EOS Utility make it easier for you to take astrophotographs? Remember that O'Telescope is a 2-person shop working part time on BYE and BYN, so they have to prioritize where they put there efforts to expand and improve the capabilities of their apps. So it is up to you to explain how you use BYE and to explain how the changes that you propose would improve your workflow.


Also remember that BYE is optimized for astrophotography while the EOS Utility is geared for general terrestrial photography. This has led the developers of each of those apps to make different decisions about what camera parameters to expose to the user and how to expose them.


For astrophotography you may be spending an entire evening or two collecting data on a particular target. You want to collect as much data as possible during that time. This means that you would never have a reason to shoot medium or small images, because to do so means throwing away data right at the start. That is data that you can't get back. In AP you want to keep as much data as possible and make the decision to throw some of that data away at the end of post-processing.


BYE relies on the camera's white balance setting because white balance is not often changed when doing astrophotography. For me, I have always set WB to Daylight in the camera and left it there. I can choose to use that WB info, or not, during image calibration.


You can easily set ISO, exposure duration, and f-stop in BYE now. How would changing that to emulate the EOS Utility improve your workflow?


That said, I do like my original interpretation of your request...The ability, during Frame & Focus, to quickly change between Maximum Sensitivity settings for LiveView and different exposure settings for Snap Images. That, to me has real value to optimizing my workflow.



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