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D7000 continued bulb issues...



Dave in Chicago here.  I just upgraded to the D500 recently and as posts will tell you, we're eagerly awaiting it to be included in the BYN family.  So while they work on this, I decided to go back to my D7000 and do some imaging last night with BYN 2.0. It had been a while since I pulled out my stuff last, so I've run into some of the same issues I had previously.  BYN allows me to connect to the D7000 and take images with the live view mode flawlessly. If i switch to AV it works. P and it works...Bulb however is another issue.  It just runs for about 2 minutes before giving up. I'm using the DSUSB cord from shoestring and have run the dsusb check tests of the cable. Yes the light turns red/green/on/off. The shutter fails to open/close though. Camera is set on M and Single shot. the 8 pin DSUSB connector and the USB download cables are connected. Camera reads bulb. I hit assert/AF wakeup and nothing when I hit the shutter button.  Any help out there is most appreciated.


DBB in chicago

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Since my last post I received a new DSUSB and cable for my D7000 from Mr. Anderson at shoestring astronomy--what wonderful service! Comparing both units with DSUSB check, I noted that eventually I got the New model working swapping parts I noted the 8 pin connector cable from the original DSUSB to be faulty. NO shutter control in bulb mode. I confirmed it now works in BYN and am once again a very happy camper. Only thing I await is the D500 fix:)


Dave in Chicago

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My most recent log...15:47:20  Licensed to beckemd

15:47:41  Attempting to connect camera...
15:47:42  Nikon2015/D7000 drivers initialized.
15:47:50  Camera Not Found!  Make sure it's connected to the PC and turned ON :)
15:48:01  Attempting to connect camera...
15:48:24  Nikon2015/D7000 drivers initialized.
15:48:31  D7000 CONNECTED!
15:49:12  Imaging session started.
15:49:33  Imaging session completed successfully
15:50:19  Imaging session started.
15:50:22  Imaging session completed successfully
15:50:23  PREVIEW_20160821-15h50m19s654ms.JPG
15:51:25  Imaging session started.
15:53:35  Image download timeout, process terminated after 122 seconds
15:53:36  Imaging session completed successfully
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According to this thread --> https://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/1525-nikon-d7000-and-the-bulb-solution/?hl=d7000, you got BULB imaging to work with your D7000 back in April. What is different now? Can you recreate the steps from your previous post to get it to work now?


I might expect that no image would be made available if the shutter was never opened.

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Well, if the DSUSB Test program does not open your shutter then it is likely that the cable is faulty. Perhaps only faulty some of the time...which may be why it suddenly started working back in April. If the DSUSB Test program does not work to control the shutter then I would suggest that you contact Shoestring Astronomy. The cable is theirs and the software is theirs.

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For the D7000 using the DSUSB check program you need to do...


Press assert before starting bulb.


Press deassert before ending bulb.


If this does not work with the DSUSB check program you have not connected the DSUSB cable properly or there is something wrong with the cable.


Is your camera set to M?


Keep us posted.

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