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D5500 won't download images



My D5500 connects using the 2016 D5500 drivers.  Live View works fine.  When I snap a picture the download never completes and times out at 119 seconds consistently.  As I've been testing I found that I had to create several folders manually including BackyardNikon and BackyardNikon/Plans.  I'm wondering if the download issue is also a directory problem.  I cannot save a Plan either.  It says says testplan.txt denied when I try to save.  I have tried shutter speeds and bulb but it never completes download.


What am I missing?




Nikon D5500 (current firmware according to Nikon site) C 1.01   L 2.013 

Windows 10 Home

USB cable that came with the NIkon


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It seems as though something is preventing BYN from creating files and folders in the specified locations (as defined on the Setup screen). It could be either your anti-virus software or file/directory permissions.


I would suggest 1) ensure that you (logged in with the same ID that you will use with BYN) can create the folders and files in the correct locations and that you have full permissions to those folders. By default, the locations are in your My Pictures folder to ensure that  you have full access to those locations. 2) temporarily disable your anti-virus software to eliminate that as a contributing factor 3) try running BYN "as administrator".

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I'm good for now.  It was a permissions issue.  Under Windows 10 I had to tell it to run as administrator for administrator permissions.  I guess it does not install that way automatically???  I will keep testing but I'm in a a better place now.

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I upgraded from Windows 7.   I marked it in properties to run as administrator each time I open it so that I can test it.  This is a desktop I'm trying this out on, so I'm either going to have to buy a Windows laptop or get this to run under VMware fusion on my MAC.  So far the software doesn't find the camera on the MAC option even though Windows 10 sees it. Probably forcing me to buy a windows laptop.  


At least I can now see why everyone loves this software.  I just have to decide on a laptop now.  


Thanks for the quick response.

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Others are running BYE in a VM on a Mac, so I would not necessarily give up and buy a PC. I am not a Mac user, but from having followed other threads on the group, It seems like it is a bit tricky to complete expose the USB ports on the Mac to Windows. There may also be a low-level driver for the camera that must be installed on the VM.

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ok. Thanks. When I move to a laptop whether PC or MAC the WIN 10 install will be new.  i'm hoping someone that runs VM on a MAC can give me a tip on why the application wont get to the USB port.  I know there is a way.  The software runs great on the MAC otherwise (except for getting to the camera which is kind of a big deal) :-)))

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