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Nikon D750 Not Connecting



I've been doing astrophotography with my Canon 550D using the BackyearEOS for a year now without any issue.

I recently bought a Nikon D750 camera however the BackyardNikon is unable to detect my Nikon camera.

I'm using Parallels (Windows 7) on my mac pc, I did follow all the steps and made sure the wifi on my camera is turned off but still my camera won't connect.
When i plug the usb camera cable to the mac pc, windows in parallels detects the camera and i can see the camera pics on my pc.
Any idea what am I missing?

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Once I connect the camera, Windows automatically pops-out the Camera Menu where I can import/export pics (I dunno if this is what you mean by low level driver).

And yes I see "D750" as one of the connected devices in the windows device manager 

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If you see the D750 in the Device Manager list of connected devices then Windows has loaded the correct driver.


You need to make sure that no other software is connected to the camera, such as Camera Control Pro. This means from both the Mac O/S and from Windows.

You need to be sure that you are not using the optional wireless transmitter.

Also per Nikon's recommendation that you are not going through a USB hub (the camera is directly connected to the PC via the Nikon-supplied cable).

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No other software is running on both Windows and mac.

When it comes the wifi settings in the camera,it's disabled.

I'm not using a USB hub, my camera is directly connected to the pc using the original Nikon cable.

Out of curiosity, I just tried connecting the camera to another software (DigiCamControl), the camera connects without any issue.   

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So, from your replies, it seems like Parallels is correctly configured and you are cabled correctly. It also seems like any low-level Windows driver has been successfully loaded and that the USB port on the camera is functioning correctly.


The Nikon SDK tries to enumerate the images on the camera's memory card before it will complete the connection from the SDK.  The solution is to put an empty memory card into the camera, or perhaps remove the card altogether.


What version of BYN are you using?

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