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Canon 5d will not work..



I tried different things..

Yes camera plugged into USB2 port it asks for canon driver when plugged in

camera on yes

I am running windows 7 64 bit

For BYE I run BYE in 32 with windows xp service pack 2

I tried getting zoom browser to install it won't

I installed Canon Capture 1.5 ok and WIA driver

Maybe buy another camera that is happier?



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According to the Supported Cameras table, your camera requires that you run it under 32-bit version of windows. This is true for all DIGIC II cameras. Running in XP compatibility mode is not the same as running under 32-bit Windows.


Canon does not provide a low-level driver for 64-bit versions of Windows for this camera. There is nothing that Guylain can do.

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Your post is confusing.  You say you have a Win 7 64 bits computer and then you say that you run BYE in 32 bits XP SP2.


Which one is it?  Is your computer a 64 bits or 32 bits?


The 5D is a DIGIC II camera and requires that windows be a 32 bits installation.  If you have Windows 7 64 bits it will never work because Canon has no drivers for 64 bits for older DIGIC II cameras.



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You can run 32 bit with a 64 bit computer .. You just choose which program you want to run and from then on it runs at 32bit

Here is a web search that brings up part of the procedure

The 64-bit versions can run 32- and 64-bit programs, but not 16-bit ones. To see if you're running 32- or 64-bit Windows, check your System information. To get there in Windows 7, click Start, right-click Computer, and select Properties. In Windows 8, click the Search charm, type system , click Settings, then System.Aug 12, 2013

But obviously I am missing something .. I will look for a newer camera to shoot with

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Well, the 20D is also a DIGIC II computer, so if BYE works with that camera then the O/S is not the problem.


I believe that your post is talking about running 32-bit applications under a 64-bit version of Windows. That is not a problem.


The 32 vs 64-bit issue is that Canon has not released 64-bit low-level drivers for DIGIC II cameras and that the 32- bit drivers that they have released will not run under 64-bit Windows.

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