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AVX handset and Astrotortilla with BYE




Can anyone answer my query re Astrotortilla and BYE? I use BYE Premium edition and wondered whether it's possible to use Astrotortilla to plate solve without controlling the mount via ASCOM. I just use the AVX handset for control, and would like to carry on doing so, as there is less software and cabling involved.

Everything I read about AT says that you must have an ASCOM controlled mount.



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Thanks for the info. One question from me too.

I was supplied with a cable that connects from the hand controller to the serial port on the computer. Will this cable allow me to control the mount with the computer as mentioned above or do I need a different cable/programs?

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That is exactly the cable that you need. Since most recent PC's do not have serial ports, you will need to purchase a good quality USB-RS232 serial adapter to go between the white hand controller cable and the PC. You also need to install the ASCOM Platform AND the Universal Celestron driver. Both are available from the ASCOM web site at http://www.ascom-standards.org.

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You do not need to have a telescope connected to your PC to solve images with Astro Tortilla. Neither to you need to have a connection between the PC and your camera.  You can simply have AT try to solve some random image.


However, you will not be getting the full benefit from use of AT.  That is to accurately, and repeatedly, point the scope at  an imaging target. For that you need the connection between the scope and AT.  This means that you need the additional cabling, as well as having the ASCOM Platform and the Unified Celestron driver installed on the PC.


I would also say that you do not give up the use of your hand controller to connect the mount to a PC.  The connection is through the port in the base of the hand controller so the hand controller is still fully functional.  The only caution is that you should avoid controlling the mount with the hand controller while you are controlling the mount with AT. By that I mean that you should not try to slew the scope simultaneously from 2 sources (2 PC programs, or 1 PC program and the hand controller). If you do, the mount may behave unpredictably.


One workflow could be to connect all equipment; start BYE and connect to the camera; start AT and connect to the scope. Use the hand controller to slew to a target; use AT to capture an image from BYE, solve it, and then reposition the scope. AT can repeat its steps until the scope is accurately positioned.


I hope this helps..

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