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Backyard EOS and SkyFi



BackyardEOS and SkyFi


Will BackyardEOS work with the SkyFi Wireless Serial/USB Adapter?  I can control my LX200 with the SkyFi using the serial connection on the adapter.  I would like to control the camera using the USB port.  Camera works using the USB port in the laptop.  I would like to get rid the cords.

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He is talking about connecting his telescope mount to BYE.  It should work if he can find ASCOM driver for the scope supports SkyFi.


Ummm... could be but It sounded more like he wanted to control the camera using the SkyFi to me... but I could be wrong. 


Perhaps the OP can clarify.  thanks.

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micbaker132:  Please elaborate on the sets of connections that you envision from your Laptop through the SkyFi(s) and any Hubs to all of the various Mount and Camera devices.


Do realize that the SkyFi uses Proprietary Software to "Bridge" the USB Signal between the Laptop and the Mount, and that Software seems to have the ASCOM Hub Driver layered into it.

BYE/BYN does NOT use an ASCOM Driver, but rather needs a Traditional USB Connection across which the Canon (or Nikon) -supplied SDK Driver connects to the Camera, and then it is that SDK Interface through which BYE/BYN controls the Camera.


So, if SkyFi can provide a fully functional USB Software Interface, then that connection should enable the SDK connect to the Camera.  All of this is up to the SkyFi Software Engineers...

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The SkyFI has a Serial connection and a USB connection.


I can control the scope using the serial connection on the SkyFi.  What I want to do is connect the Canon T6i to the USB connections on the SkyFi and remote all functions back to my laptop via WiFi.  From what I am reading in the replies, it will not work that way.


I do have a solution that works using the IOGEAR Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station, GUWIP204 but I have to connect it via my home network, and can't take it with me out in the field. 


Also wanted to use the SkyFi because it can run on batteries and would not require AC power.


I will try to put together a drawing that show my end goal and post here.


Thank You for all the responses.

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If Windows recognizes the camera and assigns it to a USB port, then perhaps it would work.  The key is that the WiFi connection must be transparent to the Canon SDK. I don't think that anyone else has ever posted about your proposed configuration before.


If it works...great. If it doesn't work then too bad. Because Guylain relies on the SDK, there is nothing that he can do to fix it if it doesn't work.

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As Rick said this is not a BYE issue to resolve.  Forget BYE for now and try it only with EOS Utility.  This is to allow you to see the a Canon solution end-to-end works or not.


If the Canon end-to-end solution works then I see no reason why BYE would not work.


However, remove BYE from the equation and rely only on Canon's stuff until you prove it works.  Less is more when trying this kind of stuff.  I hope this makes sense.


Keep us posted. 

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