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BYCCD any news?



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Rock on, Guylain.


Those darn day-jobs get in the way all the time.  I can't tell you how many clear nights have been missed simply because I had to get up the next day.  The thing to remember is that without that day-job, I wouldn't have the equipment to stay up all night anyway.  Life is a compromise. I envy you having an understanding employer.  A true rarity for which we all are truly grateful.



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Guylain has made a program that serves the needs of the DSLR user.


Those who want CCD, there are heaps of programs to do this and Nebuslosty is one of them.


But for now, I'd rather see EOS grow, as there are more DSLR users than CCD users.




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This was never in development, but it has always been on my radar.  I started to think about it again a few months back and I'm seriously considering it again.  It is difficult to find time between my day job, the support forum, and personal life/family activities.


However, I will say this, I image mostly with CCD now.  I would say about 75% CCD and 25% DSLR.  Each time I go out with my CCD I always fall short of being satisfied with the available software... I wish I had BYCCD too. 



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Thing is with larger sized cooled  CCD cameras now coming in at around $1000 the days of the DSLR are somewhat numbered in astro work. When you can now buy a Color or Mono 4/3 size tiny light CCD for that money a DSLR becomes a little less appealing.


The shortfall is control software, which is why a BYCCD is so needed. So get on it Guy  :)

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Let's be realistic...


While Guylain fully intended BYN to quickly reach Feature-Parity with BYE, and therefore allow him to proceed with One Development Effort split across Two SDKs, that has not turned out to be the case (at least not yet - 5 releases into BYN).


Introduce the copious number of Popular CCD Sensors, and even more the vast number of Individualized AP CCD Imaging Camera Products each with different Electronics and distinct SDK/API/Firmware (or lack there-of), and Guylain would either be forced to Code and Maintain literally Dozens of Software Products OR else Reduce to a Greatest-Common-Denominator sort of Offering based on only common ASCOM Camera Driver Features.  


That would probably NOT be the Feature Set that you'd find Satisfying.

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What s3igell is saying is true.


However, here is a little background.  I'm 47 years old and I do have a full time job... well almost... I have reduced my work week to 4/days a week last year to devote more time on O'Telescope; the company I work for is very understanding and they are fully aware of my business activities.  I'm seriously considering reducing my hours to 3/days a week in the near future.


Right now, as it stands, I'm spending a solid 30 to 40 hours a week on O'Telescope.  That includes the support forum (or any other support activities) and that alone is a solid 20 hours a week.  Opening the online store a few weeks back and dealing with manufacturers/orders does take some time as well, but not near as much as the support; and I'm 100% committed at providing near-real time support to my customers .  Last but not least the freak'in book keeping... I hate that part, but it must be done otherwise Mr. Tax Agency would be knocking at my door.


All in all, my goal is to reduce my day-job to 0 hours and focus only on O'Telescope, and that includes new software.  I'm not ready for this yet because I too have bills to pay, but that is my goal.  It can take 6 months or 6 years to get there; I do not know.  Until then I'm unable to provide any sort of commitment for BackyardCCD or any other software products.  I made the astronomical (pun intended) mistake of providing a somewhat release date for the auto-focusing feature in BYE a few years back and it never materialized due to lack of time, certainly not intentions.


Anyway, I hope this helps to shed so light on where I stand and/or future plans.



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