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Be as specific as possible when reporting issues and *ALWAYS* include the full version number of the application you are using and your exact *CAMERA MODEL*
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Not connecting



I have downloaded backyard Nikon and installed it.


It works fine on my desktop Nikon D5500


my netbook, womt connect to the camera


my new Dell Windows 10 laptop 12 GB Ram 2TB HDD wont connect to the camera


I am a little disappointed. I have heard good reviews but. This is odd software behavior. The Camera IS connected to the PC, I can copy files with explorer and  I can control the camera and connect fine with controlmynikon. so ????? why is your software not as capable?


I like your softwares features, but... if I cant get it to work 








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Copying files from the camera DOES not mean it is connected as an imaging device.  It means is is connected as a storage device.  Not the same thing.


ControlMyNikon uses PTP protocal, I use the Nikon SDK.


The D5500 does connect when properly configured, I have a lot of users with that model, it is very popular.


Which version of BYN did you download?  1.0.5?


When you say "It works fine on my desktop Nikon D5500" does this means it connected to BYN on your desktop?


Do you have a lot of images on your SD card?


Make sure your camera communication (via the camera menu) is not set to PTP if it has such an option; this could be the issue.

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Please read through the MANY Threads on this Forum regarding Connection Issues for the D5500 (and D5300), and you'll see that the vast Majority are Resolved as various User PC or Camera Issues.

For your reports, one would guess that you might not have loaded the Nikon Drivers onto the Netbook and Win10 Laptop.  Start by installing the Nikon CD/DVD which came with your D5500.

For both of these PCs, also check that Net 3.5 is selected for Installation / Support in the Control Panel "Programs and Features" Applet.

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Nikon D5500 does not come with a driver software, only the manual. 

This would be an odd problem as both controlmynikon and digicamcontrol BOTH connect and work.

.NET 3.5 is enabled by default 


I went to the nikon site and I will install the Nikon NX software and see if that helps.

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There is nothing odd about this.  I've said it 1000 times.  controlmynikon and digicamcontrol  do NOT use the Nikon SDK, I do.


Nikon NX has nothing to do with this, Nikon NX is an image edition software, not a capture software.


The true test is to try connecting your camera with Nikon image capture software (called Nikon Camera Control Pro 2) and see if it connects as a imaging device, not a storage device.


Oh, and you still have not answered all my questions from my previous post.  It's kinda of important to know which version on BYN you are using :)


Keep us posted please.

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There are also many posts from new users of BYN who had connection problems that solved them by either removing the memory card from their camera OR re-formatting the memory card, OR put in an empty memory card.


The Nikon SDK can take several minutes to index all the images on the memory card before allowing BYN to connect.

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ok it works, I installed 1.0.4 and it still did not work.


But on a whim I changed the SD card. I had a 64 GB card and it was not working. Card is fine btw.

I put in a 2 GB Card and it works fine.



strange yes, but solved . yes.




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