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Cannot Enlarge Pics



I am testing BYE on trial with my Canon Rebel camera. I like the software, but I noticed that pics before or after processing with e.g. RegiStax the final Picture

cannot be 'cropped' in for example Picasa, that is it will not enlarge. This is true for any imaging software. Is there a way around it, why is this?





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Taking a picture with the camera and then crop works fine in Picasa. The way I look at it, the cropping is a kind of digital zoom, maybe apps with rescale works better. I will try some other apps, but Photoshop is kind of expensive and you need to go to college to use it properly (I have a college degree, but don't want to go back). I agree it is probably not a BYE problem. I did not know Picasa was terminated.

Thank you all for your inputs.

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I am not sure what you want to do...take a part of an image but make it larger?  That would be cropping and then enlargling to increase the size.  This would typically be done by an image processing application like Photoshop, PixInsight or ImagesPlus. Enlarging, not zooming, is the process of increasing the number of pixels in an image by approximating the values of the new pixels from those around them.  Zooming is the process of making the existing pixels larger.

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This is not BYE related, I'm 100% sure of that because BYE does not alter images at all.


Take a picture with the camera only, then then try to enlarge that picture with Picasa, does it work?



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Remember:  The instant that the Image is recorded to the Camera Sensor and then written to an Image File, the actual Resolution is Fixed.  There is no longer any ability to Optically Zoom deeper into the Image and expose additional detail that wasn't originally recorded.


That being said, also remember that the Screen Display (even a 4K UHD mega-monitor) is going to be Lower Resolution than an 18 Mega-Pixel Image.  So, the Display will actually be "Re-Scaled" to a lower resolution, and if you simply Zoom In on the Displayed Image (Full Screen and them 100% Zoom) you will have restored your current view of the Image to Full Resolution (or as near as your Image Processing App will allow).  

This is probably the "Zoom" that you are used to, and are expecting to occur for your Registax/Picassa Images.


Once the Display Image has been Zoomed to 100%, the options available are to use an Imaging App to "Rescale" the Image.  "Rescaling" to a Larger Scale ("Zooming In") involves the calculation of "new" Pixels in between the "original" Pixels.  These Pixels are "Best Guesses" based on the Color and Intensity of the surrounding Pixels - not "Additional Data".  However, this "Rescale" functionality will allow you to "Zoom In" to an Image past its original Full Resolution.

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Picassa was (because Google has decided to Terminate it as of Mar 15 2016) an OK "Image Display App" (less than an actual "Image Processing / Manipulation App"), and doesn't have any real Image Rescale / Resolution Tools.


There are many other Image Processing Apps - even a number which are FREE:  IrfanView, GIMP, ImageMagick, Paint.NET, etc


There are many "Inexpensive" Paid Apps (depending on your definition of "Inexpensive" and your threshold of "Useful" Features for your Money):  PaintShopPro, ACDSee, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements

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The way I look at it, the cropping is a kind of digital zoom, maybe apps with rescale works better. 

Sorry, but CROP definitely isn't a form of Digital Zoom.  It is simply Cutting Away portions of the Image outside your Crop Marks - actually making your Image SMALLER.


It is only that the now-smaller Image will Fit in the Screen without as much of a Reduced Scaling to make it fit.


If all that you wish to do is "Zoom Into the Image" so that you can better see the Detail of a portion of the Image, you simply "Zoom" the Image.  


In Picassa3, that is done with the "Zoom Slider Tool" found in the lower-right portion of the screen, and while it defaults to "Fit Entire Image" it will go from "Fit Image all the way to 400% Zoom".

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