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Hmmm can't use Imaging tab but frame and focus is ok....D7000



Strangely, I can hook up my D7000 to my computer via a powered USB extender and see all the photos on the camera, ie the computer recognizes the device. I start up Backyard nikon and on the 3rd try the program connects....Once connected, I can use the frame and focus to take pics ( though the focus part doesn't seem to work  with my lens ( is it supposed to?) When I go to Image tab, and set up a run of photos, nothing happens. Here is the log.13:13:32  Licensed to beckemd

13:13:34  Nikon drivers initialized.
13:13:43  Attempting to connect camera...
13:13:44  D7000 CONNECTED!
13:13:50  Imaging session started.
13:16:12  Image download timeout, process terminated after 120 seconds
13:16:13  Imaging session completed successfully
13:17:37  Imaging session started.
13:17:41  Imaging session cancelled
13:17:41  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:17:41  Imaging session cancelled
13:21:10  Imaging session started.
13:21:15  Imaging session cancelled
13:21:15  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:23:35  Imaging session started.
13:23:55  Imaging session cancelled
13:23:55  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:23:56  Imaging session cancelled
13:24:51  Imaging session started.
13:24:53  Imaging session cancelled
13:24:53  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:24:54  Imaging session cancelled
13:25:06  Imaging session started.
13:25:09  Imaging session cancelled
13:25:09  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:25:10  Imaging session cancelled
13:25:35  Imaging session started.
13:25:38  Imaging session cancelled
13:25:38  [kNkMAIDResult_OutOfFocus] (kNkMAIDCommand_CapStart, 17, kNkMAIDDataType_Null, 0)
13:25:39  Imaging session cancelled
13:25:58  Imaging session started.
13:28:07  Image download timeout, process terminated after 122 seconds
13:28:08  Imaging session completed successfully
Mind you the "completed session rendered no pics. Basically, I start it and dial spins for minutes on end..to no result. 
Camera is set on manual/single frame. BYD nikon is Light/DSUSB Any help appreciated.
Dave in Chicago


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Do you have a lens connected to your camera?


If yes make sure the auto-focus is turned OFF or if it is on make sure it can reach focus inside where ever the camera is pointing.  If you have the camera lens cap on or if your camera is pointing at an object too close where focus can not be achieved the camera will return and out of focus error.



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Upon further testing, I can use the BYN's imaging tab to take pics so long as I keep it on manual/single and never use the bulb setting. Bulb fails to trigger the shutter, even when the autofocus is off.  Taking 30 sec pics is fun but how can I get the bulb function to work properly? Is it a settings issue? Hardware issue? Cable issue? Anyone else have this problem with the D7000?




Dave in Chicago

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Guy, I am using the DSUSB from shoestring. Still no bulb function for my D7000.  Could it be the DSUSB cable itself?  When I tested it with shoestrings software, it's lights responded but the shutter did NOT.


I may have to send it back to shoestring for an evaluation, no?


Dave in Chicago

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Nikon are a bit odd with serial cables.


Some models require that your ASSET then OPEN SHUTTER.... and to close the shutter you need to DEASSERT then CLOSE SHUTTER.


Try that combination with the DSUSB software.

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