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Cant connect canon 500d



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The 500D (T1i) is fully supported.  


If your camera does not connect it is due to a bad usb connection/cable and/or driver.


1) Does Windows see your camera?

2) Try EOS Utility, does it connect.


If EOS Utlility connects I'm 100% positive BYE will connect too,


If EOS Utility does not connect you need to figure this out first.


Keep us posted.

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As Guylain said, before BYE can connect to your T1i, Windows must recognize the camera and load the appropriate Windows driver. After connecting the camera to the PC and turning the camera on you need to look in the Windows Device Manager (in the Control Panel) to be sure that the camera is listed as an Imaging Device and that the driver is loaded. Then if you have a connection issue with either the Canon EOS Utility or BYE, it is most likely due to a cabling/USB issue.


Some people have reported issues with Windows 10, but the great majority work just fine. So the good news is that your connectivity issue is NOT due to any incompatibility of BYE with Windows 10.


You can look back in this forum, but I believe that the most recent Windows 10 issue (BYE crashing) was solved by doing a clean install of Windows 10 instead of an upgrade from a previous version.  That is pretty drastic, so I would not do that unless you have exhausted all other avenues, especially since your BYE is not crashing.

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Users with Win10 have reported that it seems to take longer than expected from previous versions for the PC to successfully Find and Install and Load the necessary Drivers for a Camera (often for other "New Devices", too).


Make sure that you show Patience when the Win10 System Tray notification shows "Found New Hardware..."


If you think the Drivers have already been loaded, you can confirm by looking for the 500D listed as an Imaging Device in the Device Manager tool of the Control Panel (see post above), or you can start up EOS Utility (which you will want to have installed btw - that Installation sometimes seems to clean-up the Drivers Installation; you will then need to go into the EOS Utility Preferences" to set it to NOT "Automatically Start when Camera is Connected").

(Note: ensure that the 500D is Turned On and Not in "Sleep Mode" - use a quick Half-Shutter Click to re-awaken.)

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