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Live view for 600d freezes





I got free trial BYE 3.1.5 version to connect my canon t3i/600d. After I connect the camera, and click on Frame and Focus ( which should take me to live view) the live view momentarily comes up and then the app freezes, it never returns back to normalcy.  I have to force close the app and restart the camera to resolve this.


Log files attached.


Please help me get over this. 


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Your logs are showing that the camera is shutting down as soon as you start live view.  This event is fired by the camera so the camera is initiating the shutdown.


2015-12-20 21:13:31,681 [OnStateEventHandler] INFO  - StateEvent_Shutdown Fired! (inParameter=0)


Try with EOS Utility, does live view work?



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According to the documentation in the SDK the Shutdown event is fired by the SDK when it senses that it has lost communication with the camera.


Here is the description of the event from the SDK:


Indicates that a camera is no longer connected to a computer, whether it was disconnected by unplugging a cord, opening the compact flash compartment, turning the camera off, auto shut-off, or by other means.


Make sure that LiveView shooting is enabled in the camera. According the the manual there are 2 settings on different menus, depending on the shooting mode (page 125 of the T3i manual).


From looking at the posted log files I can see that you are using Automatic White Balance.  Prevailing wisdom is that Daylight or Tungsten white balance works best for astrophotography.  I can also see that you have Noise Reduction enabled.  This should normally be turned off.  You will have better result by taking and applying separate dark frames, and your time under the stars will be more productive.


Can you provide details about how you are cabled between the PC and the camera?  Have you tried a different USB cable? Some inexpensive USB cables fail under load.


What are the specs of the PC and what version of Windows?

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After  my  previous post, I disconnected and connected to face the same problem. I tried with other ports on PC but could see same issue. 


I have connected with the standard cable running b/w camera's a/v port and usb ( 2.0 and 3.0), not sure if this cable is of low quality.


I even checked for any lose contacts but couldnt see any.

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As mentioned, try EOS Utiltiy first and see it is working.


Since you got it to work a few times already and now not working again it does look like you have a poor connection.  Hopefully it is a bad cable and not a bad usb port on the camera it self.


Did you try with another computer with the same cable to see if it works?



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