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Windows 10 and Version 1.03 problems



Since I upgraded to version 1.03 and Windows 10 Backyard EOS fails to recognize my  cameras. They are both connected and recognized by windows.

 When I connect them to another computer with the earlier version  Backyard EOS works and recognizes my cameras indicating to me that the cables are fine.


Is there anyway to fix this? should I remove the latest version and install the older one?

thanks in Advance


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When I connect them to another computer with the earlier version  Backyard EOS works and recognizes my cameras indicating to me that the cables are fine.



1) Do you have the proper .Net4 environment Installed on the Win10 PC??

2) Do you have EOSUtility running, even in the background, on the Win10 PC??

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The OP did not say what camera he has, but posted in the BackyardNikon forum and is talking about version 1.0.3.  I am assuming that the reference to BYE was in error and he really has BYN.


What camera are you using?  Is it listed in the BYN camera support grid as a supported model?


If, by chance you have installed an application called `qdslrdashboard`, you should know that it apparently replaces the standard Windows driver for Nikon cameras with a custom driver that does not work with BYN.  If you believe this is your issue, you should read this thread and follow the links: http://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/1346-lost-my-driver-for-bynikon/#entry8755

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Thanks for your notes.

 I use Backyard EOS for Nikon the cameras I use are Nikon D7000 and D 7100.

 It was working fine with Windows 8

I have not installed any new software or applications besides the upgrade to windows 10. Since then I cannot use it.

 the computer recognizes the cameras, I can open the cameras from Corel or Photoshop.

But when I start Backyard EOS for Nikon and try to connect the cameras are not recognized. on the camera it never goes to PC as it used to. I have no images on the cards and I have removed the cards too with no avail.

 I have removed Backyard and reinstall it to no avail.

The other Computer has Windows 10 but Backyard Nikon 1.01 and works for both cameras.

 I do not know what the Net 4 environment is. The install was done automatically with  no selections as to what to install

Backyard is on when I open the program, otherwise is not as I can tell from Task manager there is no backrground Backyard running when I start the computer

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If you are using BackyardEOS for Nikons... you are NOT using BackyardEOS... you are using BackyardNIKON.  Please refer to it by its name BackyardNIKON.  Otherwise you are simply adding confusion to your post.


The issue is Nikon Drivers and Windows.


Please re-install BackyardNIKON 1.0.3 from a fresh download from the website and see if that is working.  Doing a new install of BackyardNIKON will ensure all pre-requisites are also installed.



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