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Nikon D5500 anyone?



Hi guys

Up until a few days ago I was 99% on buying a new Canon EOS 750d/760d (depending on the deal) and then made the mistake of buying a few camera mags just to checkout available gear only to find the EOS 750 tested along with other similar priced dslr`s and in both magazine out of all the dslr`s tested the Nikon D5500 came out tops and its made me think again about my first dslr purchase. I`m reading up on the D5500 as we speak and wondering if I will be able to take long exposures with the supplied usb lead with BYN or will it require additional leads to achieve this please?.



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Since Guylain answered your question I am going to do something that I don't usually do.  I am going to hijack your post.


Similar questions to yours come up all the time.  Or, in a slightly different variation, somebody downloads BYE or BYN and then reports that their camera won't connect, only to find out that it is not supported or it is an older camera and they need a 32-bit version of Windows, or they need a DSUSB cable for shutter control to do long exposures.


The answers to questions like those are listed in the camera support grids.  In both the BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon forums there are topics that are pinned near the top --- "Is My Camera Supported" with a link to the appropriate camera support grid.  You can also get to the grids via links at the bottom of this page and from the Store area by clicking on any of the BYE or BYN products.  Still people have trouble finding the information that they need.


What can Guylain do to make these valuable and important resources more visible?



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Thanks Guylain for the helpful and POLITE reply!!!.

My question regarding the usb lead came from reading about other models under software control (not necessarily Nikon!) requiring two leads. I am perfectly capable of reading a camera matrix to check the lead requirements for a particular model and can plainly see from said matrix that the model I`m looking at (D5500) does NOT need a serial lead and I was just checking to see if the supplied lead or a different one was required. The implication along the lines of RTFM is not a very friendly way of replying and one I have never given to others seeking advice!! :angry: :angry:

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I did not mean to be impolite, but I still think that the question is valid. I spend hours each month responding to questions from posters on this group that are answered on the web site both in areas like the camera support grids or in the old posts of the forum. I spend that time to be helpful and have never suggested that someone RTFM, although I do point people at that resource when I know that the answer is in there and is better written than I am likely to.


What can be done to make those resources more visible, understandable, accessible, etc to new members or those trying to make a purchasing decision?


Again, I aplogize!  I did not mean to give offense.



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