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License activation error



Asinstructed, started my own thread.


Can anyone help me, ive registered at home and at work under a different name and email, Ive downloaded eos nikon and canon for my cameras at home and at work but at home and at work it will not validate the  serial and my user name.

Windows 8.1

copied and pasted the correct license key and identifier for the correct software from my purchases.


It says~

License activation error. Trail keys require internet access. 

I am connected as downloaded the software, I have turned off antivirus and firewall (even added it to go through firewall just in case)at both locations, but still will not validate.


I so want to try this software with my 600d


Thanks Dave

Pincher and Pincherdm

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I am totally confused! You posted to the Backyard EOS forum for users of BYE and Canon Cameras. O'Telescope also makes a product called BackyardNikon for users with Nikon cameras. "EOS Nikon" is not a thing!!!

I will assume that you have both Nikon and Canon cameras and so are trying to register both BackyardEOS and BackyardNikon on two separate PC's. If both PC's are running Windows 8.1, then the problem may be that your "Transport Level Security" is out of date in both copies of Windows. The registration process requires that the PC be able to connect with the O'Telescope servers to register. This web site requires TLS 1.2 but you may be running an older version. Look on microsoft.com for how to update TLS to 1.2 for Windows 8.1.

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So you creates 2 accounts, and request trials in both account. I don't understand why people do this :(

This is against the EULA, and I have banned people for life in the past for doing so. A word of advice, pick one of the 2 accounts, and forget about the other one. If you activate trials from both account, you will get banned.


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"No joy" is too vague a symptom for us to provide much help.  Please provide detailed descriptions of what you have tried, what you expected to happen, what did happen and what errors you saw. But do not post your license key on this forum or any other web site.

Did you follow my advice to make sure that you have TLS 1.2 installed on your PC before you try to validate your license? Without TLS 1.2 BYE will not be able to validate with the O'Telescope servers. This may be what is causing your "no joy".

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