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Make BYN accessible via ASCOM interface



It seems BYN is by far the most stable connection I can find and has support for recent introduced models ...

There is already network acces to BYN, why not extend it to ASCOM.

It would be great if we could use BYN in SGP for example!




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The ASCOM camera specification does not really lend itself to DSLR cameras.  Basically DSLR cameras are more complicated than CCD cameras with adjustable ISO and focal ratio, integrated focusing with attached lens, LiveView, and many other options. That is why there are no ASCOM camera drivers for DSLR cameras.


BYN and BYE (Premium version only) do currently support requests from external applications to take images.  The external app provides the exposure time and BYE returns the file name and directory of the image.  This is used by AstroTortilla for plate solving.  Images requested by AT are JPGs, however, so this mechanism is not suitable, as it currently stands, for using an application such as SGP to request images from BYN.


Also, SGP already supports both Nikon and Canon cameras. It does not really make much sense for a camera capture program to use a competitor's application to control a camera that it already controls.

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I use SGP, it's reliable with CCD camera's. somewhat stable with canon, utterly unusable with Nikon ...


The ascom driver should be very basic, no need for LV, hey we can use BYN for that, one can specify a fix iso setting when connecting (hey I don't change iso all the time and mostly use 800 and 1600, if really but I would not do that one could use the "gain" parameter to expose this to astro imaging apps ...


So I for one would welcome such a product, If I can't use my Nikon D810A with software like SGP I will probably sell it again as automation is for me key to get reliable captures all night with meridian flips, auto recover ... etc ...



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But having an ASCOM driver for Canon or Nikon cameras has little to do with BYE or BYN.



The years of debugging and feature's that went into BYN and BYE makes it a very stable and feature rich implementation.

The DSLR programs are poorly supported in other astro software ...


Developing an ascom driver from scratch would take a long time and I see nobody doing it because it's a monumental job.

However making a plugin/interface in BYN is less work and would open up a new market for Guylain.

Let it put me in another way, I would gladly pay 50 dollars for it ... and I'm not alone ... 

Now I'm tempted to look for a OSC CCD so I can use SGP again.


So while you say it has nothing to do with BYN, I say it's probably the best way for Guylian to break open his market,

especially with DSLR's that are getting better and better and FF DSLR's that are surpassing CCD's but at the same time these DSLR's are hampered with bad connection implementation in astro softwares ...


I can't imagine it being a lot of work if one keeps it simpel ... I should have kept my programming skills alive :-(




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Sorry, yes SGP is Sequence Generator Pro, it has really nice features like autofocus, automatic meridian flip and plate solve to center object after flip but also if you want to shoot mosaics ...

It has great ASCOM support but DSLR integration is not their strong point, which is understandable ...

But it would open up uses of Maxim or APT to name 2 other popular capture softwares.



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Rick & Yves

Thanks for the clarification. sounds like a great program. sounds like I might be able to use it to do autofocus (until Guylain gets the auto focus implemented in BYE) then switch back to BYE to do my capture run.

if it will interface with the DSLR enough to hold the shutter open long enough to do the auto focus. or is this what you have been trying to do? is there a website for this program?

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