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disable new sub directory at 06h AM for "style date"



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Done in BYE 3.1.6 and BYN 1.0.4.


If you select one of the Date Style you now have the option of selecting the hour offset.  Possible values are -12 to +12.  Default is +6 to maintain current behavior.


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The OP just wanted images shot after 6 AM to be with images shot before 6 AM.  He did not say whether he was doing nighttime imaging or daytime imaging.  I can imagine anyone doing astrophotography in northern latitudes in winter (Brrr!) would want to be able to continue imaging until the sun intruded.  That could easily be after 6 AM.


I am only able to come up with 2 uses cases.  Nighttime imaging where I would want all images between sunset and sunrise to be in the same folder, or daytime imaging where would want images shot on a given day to be in the same folder.  For those cases offsets of -12 and 0 would be sufficient. I don't know why I would want to pick any of the offset values between them.

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It actually appears that the OP is looking for a setting of "-1" where the Date is identified at the very beginning of the Capture Plan session and then NOT Incremented at Any Time until the Completion / Termination of that Imaging Run.


I actually preferred the 6AM "Date Transition" ("6") rather than the original Midnight Transition ("0") - but then at my Lower Lattitude Dawn (or at least Twilight) disrupts all Imaging Sessions before 6AM even in the slightly longer Winter Months.


@astroman133:  I'd prefer to Never be required to mess with the Laptop's Date/Time, as there are too many other associated Apps and Log Files for which the "Correct Time" is vital.

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If you thought that I was recommending changing the PC's time, you misunderstood what I was suggesting. The offset is a BYE setting. It is the number of hours to subtract from the current PC date and time to calculate a data for purposes of selecting the folder in which to put the images.  So, if a value of -12 were chosen, it means that any images captured between noon today and noon tomorrow would be stored in a folder with today's date.


Guylain suggested a variable offset (0..-12).  I said that I only saw values of 0 or 12.


Nobody said anything about changing the PC's date or time. We were only talking about how to calculate an imaging session date.

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