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BYE Does Not Save Images



I'm using BYE 3.1.4 Premium Edition with a Canon 60D. My computer has a 64-bit processor and is running Windows 10. I'm able to use Frame and Focus with no problem. When I try to use Imaging, the software and camera seem to work fine until it tries to save the images and nothing happens. The images are not saved. I thought it might be an issue of not enough free space, so I opened up a lot more free space on my computer, but still have the same problem. If it's helpful for you to know, EOS Utility works fine and saves the images. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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Welcome to the group!


What is the value of the "Save To" dropdown list in the Capture Plan Center? If it is set to "Camera" then the images should be on the camera's memory card. If it is set to "PC" or "PC+Camera" then the images should be downloaded, displayed, and saved.


The images are first downloaded into the folder specified in the Settings as the BackyardTEMP folder.  You may see the images in that folder.  The images are then processed by BYE. Processing consists of adding information to the EXIF data that is inside the image and potentially converting to TIFF, if requested.  There may be other processing that is done that I cannot think of off the top of my head. The processed images are then copied to the "Download Folder" (from the Settings dialog). If you have specified a Sub-folder then the images will actually be in the appropriate subfolder of the Download folder. Make sure that the Download folder exists and is available for writing.  This is especially important if you have the Download folder specified as some kind of external or removable media.


The most common reasons for images not being where you are looking:


1) you are looking in the wrong place, so look for them somewhere in the Download folder tree.

2) you have BYE set to save the images to the camera only.

3) For some reason BYE is unable to modify the EXIF data to add its parameters.


If you think that your issue is 3) above, then your downloaded images should be in the BackyardTEMP folder.  To prevent the issue going forward you can go into the Advanced Settings dialog and check the "Skip WRITE Exif data" option.  See if that makes a difference.


I hope this helps.

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Is the image displayed in BYE?


if yes, then the image is saved, I'm 1000% sure about that. Please look at your download folder in settings for the location.


If the images are not there then follow Rick's advice and look in the BackyardTEMP folder.


Keep us posted.

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