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Manual focus



I just purchased a license for Backyard Nikon Premium 2.1.2 which looks like it is going to be very useful to me. I upgraded the firmware on my D800e to version 1.11, and am using a Nikkor 400mm 1:2.8 lens. The manual says to put the camera focus switches on manual mode, but the LENS focus popup in the program doesn't appear unless I put the switch on the camera to Auto, and the switch on the lens to either A or M/A. That allows me to manually focus from within the program. However when I capture an image, the camera goes into the auto mode and changes my manual focus setting. The only way I've found to make the manual focus work is to:
1. Set the camera switches to auto
2. Focus manually within Backyard
3. Set the camera switches to manual
4. Capture the image.
It would be nice if I didn't have to touch the camera to accomplish this. Is there a better way?
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That is how Canon has implemented it. In manual focus, the motor in the lens literally do not get power, and therefore they cannot be controlled via software because it has no power. Sadly, the only way power is delivered to the lens is when it is set to autofocus. It's impractical of us in astronomy, but this is how Canon has implemented it :(

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1 hour ago, lmeiners said:

Is it possible to toggle Auto/Manual focus from within the program? Or, could that be made a feature, so one didn't need to be next to the camera?

no, not currently. The auto/manual focus is a mechanical switch, and can't be toggled via software as far as I know.


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Dear admin,

You've been very kind to answer my questions so promptly, and I won't belabor the point other that to add that I have a program called Control My Nikon (free trial) on my computer. To use it I set my camera and lens to Auto, and within the program there is a button for Attempt Contrast Focus, and buttons for manual focusing. The Attempt Contrast Focus will do an auto focus. Clicking the manual focus buttons can focus the lens on some other point, and when the capture is made, the focus position doesn't change. Also, the program will do automated focus stacking, which, I don't think, would be possible if the program wasn't able to disable the auto focus. FYI.

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