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Lost files after BYE Session



Newbe to BYE. After my first session using BYE to capture 20x6’ exposures of C27, I left the Win 10 laptop running to let BYE capture darks, etc. The next morning I found all files  but the lights. I have done an extensive search  of the laptop ant the lights cannot be found. 

What did I do or not do that may have caused the files to not be saved?  I never checked the designated save folder that evening as the files showed up in BYE and looked good. 

Canon 600D, BackyardEOS 3.1 Classic Edition [OTL-BYE-C]

Thanks, Paul 

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BYE does not delete images/files, this is intentional, and with this design, I can guarantee that if files are missing BYE did not delete them, some other process did, that I'm 100% sure about.


Send me the log file, and I should be able to tell you where they are.
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I never intended to leave the impression that BYE deleted the files.

I am a Mac person who has started using Win 10 because of the apps available for AP. With that in mind, I did find the files. I apparently ran BYE in an administrator’s account but when I logged in yesterday to retrieve the files I logged in as myself. I had no idea the files would not be visible in my login. Hence the “panic.”  That also explains why I have to open BYE using “Run as administrator “ in order to get BYE to see the camera. I think I need to uninstall BYE and reinstall it under my account. 

ps - I had many, many log files because of the many login attempts before I figured out I needed to “run as administrator.”


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I will give you some guidelines, as a long time Windows user and developer.

  • Only use the Administrator account in an emergency situation where your normal account is corrupted and you are unable to log on with it. It should definitely NOT be used on a daily basis.
  • Some software installs and creates files in your USER directories so it must be run from the account that was used to install it.
  • Never run software As Administrator, even from your personal account. If you are using ASCOM, ASCOM will behave strangely if some applications and drivers are run As Administrator and some are not. The conventional guidance is to not run any astronomy software As Administrator.
  • You should not need to uninstall BYE, just log on with your user account and install BYE into the same folder where it is already installed. It will overwrite the current program  files and create the configuration/settings files under your account. You will also have to re-validate your license key. If you have problems doing this. DO NOT post your license key on this, or any other, public forum. It is your personal number, like your checking acocunt number and your social security number. Keep it private.
  • Once you have BYE running and have saved all your raw images, I would suggest that you log on to the Administrator account, navigate to the My Pictures folder (C:\Users\Administrator\Pictures\ and delete the BackyardEOS and BackyardTEMP folders there so they won't confuse you in the future.
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