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Windows 10 Pro with BYE and BYN



Doubt that I'm the only one experiencing this problem and will most likely have to wait for Microsoft/Canon/Nikon to get re-sync'd...


Recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and it looks like we'll need to wait until Microsoft/Canon/Nikon get sync'd to restore BackYardDSLR to full functionality.... at least that's my current take.  While Win10 Pro recognizes my Canon T4i and scans/identifies SD card images, such is not the case with my Nikon D90.  When it comes to BYE operations, the Canon T4i is recognized but images are not downloaded to either the default area on the hard drive nor are images imported into the BYEOS image thumbnails/viewer screen.


Also, once Windows fully recognizes a camera and is able to transfer images to a PC folder, BYDSLR (EOS/NIK) should have a better chance of operating.  But then again, may need to reinstall BYE, which isn't a big deal.


Fortunately, Windows 7 Pro was fully imaged before installing Win 10 Pro, so just a little inconvenience while Win 10 begins to mature a bit.


Anyone else have any updates/ideas?

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Your are the only person who has reported issues with BYE and Windows 10.


In fact, as posted in this topic -- http://www.otelescope.com/index.php?/topic/1078-windows-10-and-bye/?view=getnewpost -- Guylain just finished testing the latest BYE with Windows 10 and experienced no issues.


BTW, nobody calls the programs BackYardDSLR.  There is BYE and there is BYN.  Also, not sure what you mean by Microsoft, Canon, and Nikon getting in sync. All three vendors release things independently.


If you have a BYE issue with Windows 10, perhaps you should post a new thread in the BYE forum and explain exactly how the software is not behaving as expected. You seemed to be saying that images captured with BYE are not downloaded and displayed on the screen and are not in the Download folder.


Also I am not sure what you mean by "nor are images imported into the BYEOS image thumbnails/viewer screen". Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do and what you are seeing?  By import do you mean drag and drop images while on the Preview tab is not working?



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Please state which functions appear to Not Work, so that we can either confirm with our own usage or suggest tests for you to try.


Please confirm which versions of BYE and BYN you are using.  Also whether you've downloaded any DSLR-related Drivers from the Canon or Nikon Support Sites, or simply rely upon the Drivers provided by Windows 10.


Also, please advise whether you are able to achieve better results using the Canon-provided EOSUtility.

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In response to other readers/responders - I use current version of BYE and BYN, thus, the abbreviated term BYDSLR.  Don't mean to discredit either implementation with strange terminology.


Common symptoms with both implementations were that neither seemed to be writing camera images to the default folders.  BYN's captured images actually never made to the display screen.  For that matter, the background message was 'mirrored' and thumbnails never appeared with either BYE or BYN.  That wasn't normal since both versions had operated perfectly prior to the upgrade.  Cameras are Canon T4i and Nikon D90 using both older manual lenses as well as new automatic lenses.  Didn't seem to make any difference with the lens selection.  Only conclusion I could arrive at was that the WIN7 to WIN10 upgrade had broken somewhere along the way.


Apparently with my Win7 Ultimate to Win10 Pro upgrade on a Dell Latitude D830 laptop (32-bit) either corrupted the 'dotnetfx' installation or failed to migrate 'dotnetfx35' (as best as I can determine).  Regardless, the Windows installation needed a clean install anyway.  I'd just been putting it off while waiting for Win10.  Both BYE and BYN are now fully functional on the 'clean' install.  To restore full functionality, I had to D/L and install dotfx35.  Thanks to Gaylain's thorough development, BYN alerted me of the missing dotnetfx35 - something that appears to be not included with a WIN10 clean install.


Hopefully, other BYE/BYN users don't have the same problems since broken apps, at times, can be frustrating to fix.  If the Windows 10 upgrade does give you problems that are difficult to resolve, maybe a clean install is in order.  Fortunately I do routine backups and keep data/photos on external drives.  No data loss but the upgrade process takes a bit more time but results basically in a 'new' implementation.


Deleting the Windows.old folders - had two of them - greatly expanded drive C:'s free space.  Win10 is snappy and smooth and BYE/BYN are fully functional!  Possibly other glitches but just haven't found them, yet.


Happy!  Yeah!

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.NET 3.5 is installed with Windows 7, by default, but for whatever reason Microsoft decided not to install it.  That is something that you need to do via Programs and Features in the Control Panel. This may not have been your issue since having .NET 3.5 not active should have prevented BYE from running at all.


Anyway, I am glad that you are now working!

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