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'Cannon D70 not recognized by P.C.'



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Where to start???


Canon had a 70D...Nikon has a D70.  Backyard Nikon does not work with the D70 because Nikon has not provided  a Software Development Kit (SDK) for that model.  The following assumes that you have a Canon 70D...


Did you connect the Canon 70D camera to the PC via the supplied USB cable?

Is the camera turned on?

Does Windows recognize that the camera is connected?

What version of Windows? 32-bit or 64-bit?


What have you already tried?


If Windows does not recognize the camera when you connect it and turn it on then your problem is not BYE.


Possible causes are:


1) camera is broken or USB protocol is disabled

2) the USB cable is bad

3) the USB port on the computer is broken

4) Windows needs a driver for the camera


Troubleshooting suggestions:


1) try a different camera or try the 70D on a different computer

2) try a different USB cable that you know is working

3) try a different USB port

4) if you have a new camera, but are trying to connect to a laptop running an old version of Windows, like XP, you may need to find a driver to load into Windows.


We are not looking over your shoulder, so the more information that you can provide, the better the help that the group can provide.

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These are the instructions from page 152 of the manual:


* Use the interface cable provided with the camera

* Connect the cable to the camera's <DIGITAL> terminal. (It should be on the left side, next to the hinge for the LCD display.)

* Connect the cord's plug to the computer's USB terminal

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Can you show us a picture of where the cables are plugged in the camera?




EDIT: Ok, I see now that the USB cable connects to the A/V out port.  Looks like you are connecting it properly.


Try a different computer.  I want to see it the issue is the camera or the computer.

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BTW thank you all for your help and support! Very cool!!! :o)


You are welcome :)


Let us know when you try on another PC. 


ummm... does the 70D have a communication menu option?  If yes make sure it is set to "PC Communication" or "Normal".  It will not work if it is set to PTP.


Keep us posted,

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It does look like you are plugged into the correct jack on the camera. 


The 70D has Wi-Fi support which you must disable, via the third "wrench" menu , to use the camera with BYE.


When you connect the camera to the PC and turn it on, do you get any indication (sound) from Windows that the camera was recognized? Does the camera show up in the Windows Device Manager? 


You said that you downloaded the latest Canon driver, but the only driver that you should need is built into Windows, So, there is no driver available for download.  I am not sure what you downloaded.


You said that you tried all 4 of my original suggestions, but did not provide info about the results. Such as what other camera did you use?  Was it also not recognized by Windows?


Since all your attempts are with the same cable, the cable could be bad.

Also, the USB port on the laptop could be bad.


The first things that I would try are 1) disable the 70D's WiFi, and 2) use the original USB cable.

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