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I am brand new to Astrophotography have a trial version of BYN.  I plan to use a DSLR (Nikon) either piggy back with a wide angle lens or prime focus with an 8" SCT on a wedge. I know I am limited to 30 second exposures because I have a Nikon.  I think a capture plan is composed of LIGHTS, DARKS, BIASES, etc.  Doesn't that mean a session requires two or more capture plans to get the different frames to post process?  If so, how about allowing LIGHTS and DARKs, etc.,  in the same capture plan but separated by a PAUSE with ALARM that would require a manual CONTINUE after putting on lens cap, taking off lens cap, etc.  Is this sensible or is it just a lot of work for the developer when you have uneducated and inexperienced operators?

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You need to abort to change the plan.

As for your original question you can already to that with the premium edition and since the trial is the premium edition valid for 30 days it works with the trial as well. The only caveat is that it won't change the frame type from LIGHT to DARK yet.



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Quick question for BYEOS, is there a way to dynamically change the plan sequence while capture is executing? I know we can suspend or abort but is there a way to change the sequence? I live in a place where weather is not that predictable and all of a sudden one can expect cloudy sky for say 1/2 hr. Now, at times I simply abort the sequence and then rearrange or re-plan based on immediate sky conditions.

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Your request seems sensible to me.

BTW, there are several Nikon models that do not require a serial cable for BULB exposures.  Look at the Camera Support Grid (follow the link at the bottom of this page).

I typically shoot dark frames at a different time from when I shoot my lights.  This maximizes my productivity during clear, moon-free nights.  I use a light panel for flats which I do shoot right after shooting lights, but flat capture is always the same capture plan, so having to load a separate plan is not a problem, 

That said, not everyone has the same workflow, so allowing the flexibility that you suggest to the capture plan seems to make sense; at least from my perspective as another user.

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If one is going to respond to an Alarm by walking over to the Scope and making changes then walking over to the PC and acknowledging the Alarm, what is the real difference to do the same steps but to then change the Frame-Type setting in order to start the Darks sequence??

I think that most AP Imagers are Well Aware of their necessary actions by the time that they look to perform Darks (and Bias Frames; and especially Flats).

Give BYN a bit of practice with your Nikon and Scope, and see how natural it comes to you, too...

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