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BackyardEOS and BackyardNIKON are Windows only software. MAC version is not available!

BackyardEOS 2.0.9 2012-12-08

About This File

Take control over your Canon DSLR. Purpose built for astrophotography.

What's New in Version 2012-12-08


  • Stability: Complete overhaul of the entire BackyardEOS backend.
  • Stability: Stability section in 'Advance Settings' to allow users to enable/disable some functioanlity should they be experiencing issues.
  • Performance: Planetary Imaging should now be able to to approximatly 20 fps instead of about 10 fps.
  • Performance: Windows fade in/out is removed for better UI performance.
  • New Feature: Planetary Imaging is now capable of producing a single AVI file instead of 2GB segments; regarless of size.
  • New Feature: BackyardEOS will remember its screen location between BYE restart.
  • New Feature: ISO and current exposure total duration are displayed in the big progress center.
  • New Feature: Ability to suspend and resume an imaging plan.
  • New Feature: Remaining seconds countdown when in-camera noise reduction is enabled.
  • New Feature: Preview 1st image in image capture now takes account of the loop enable button. This is to facilitate eclipse framing without the overhead of post processing the images.
  • New Feature: The zoom box in drift alignment can now lock/unlocked just as in Frame & Focus and Planetary.
  • New Feature: The crosshair X and Y axis’s in drift allignment can be offset form the center.
  • New Feature: Images taken by manually with the camera will be displayed in BYE.
  • New Feature: More control over live view sensibility settings. You can now set the ISO and TV values to dim the live view when trying to focus on bright objects.
  • New Feature: TEMPerHUM version 2 is now supported.
  • New Feature: Italian and Chinese (Simplified) support. Thank you to Stefano Meneguolo for the initial Italian translation. Thank you to Thomas Xiao for the initial Chinese translation.
  • New Feature: Canon 1D Mk IV support added.
  • Change: Increased the imaging plan delay maximum from 999 to 99,999 seconds.
  • Change: Minimum value for 'settle dither at' has increased from 0.25 to 1.00 for those who want a shorter dither cylce.
  • Change: Lens Drive bigger control buttons.
  • Change: Ambient temerperature from the weather center can now be added in the image file name.
  • Change: Exiftool 8.64 upgrade.
  • Bug Fix: EDS_ERR_DEVICE_BUSY error was thrown in some rare cases.
  • Bug Fix: Bug with decimal points on negative numbers.
  • Bug Fix: TEMPerHUM reading is suspended during image download to prefvent conflit on the USB cable.
  • Bug Fix: Serial cable not properly set to use DTS and cause some cables to not operate properly.
  • Bug Fix: Generic serial cable error on some cable/camera combination trying to flush the COM port before closing the shutter.
  • Bug Fix: Maximum eclipse framing opcity can now be set at 100%; previous maximum was 80%.

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