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  2. The 60D was released in 2010 and the 7D Mk II was released in 2014. Neither one of them is exactly a new model.
  3. It's not just "slightly" older; the 60D is several years older than the 7D2.
  4. Not necessarily. Images are downloaded in BackyardTEMP\Download while log files are in BackyardTEMP\logs. Create new folder in Windows, say BackyardTEMP2 and point it there. See if this makes a difference. Regards,
  5. Yesterday
  6. I would temporarily suspend your anti-virus software and try BYE. It if works then you will need to figure out how to tell the anti-virus software to allow BYE to download the images. I am running Windows 10 on a desktop with Windows Defender as my A/V software I did not have to do anything to get it to allow image downloads. I would also make sure that the folder that is in your BackyardTEMP setting actually exists.
  7. Idon't think that is the problem. Log files were saved to the BackyardTEMP folder and it is ID'd in Settings. If it anti-virus, does it have tobe shut down whenever I use BYEOS? I run the default MS AV on my Surface only.
  8. Please sure you have full access the to BackyardTEMP folder. It looks to me like the application may no longer have access to the BackyardTEMP folder.
  9. The 7D2 is one of those models that allows me to change the dial mode programatically and for this reason it works because BYE changes it as needed. Not the case for the 60D
  10. All of the provided log files have the same error, like the following: 2020-04-05 12:26:07,655 [OnDirItemRequestTransfer(312903608)] INFO - WARNING EDS_ERR_STREAM_OPEN_ERROR : EDSDK.EdsCreateFileStream(dirItemInfo.szFileName, EDSDK.EdsFileCreateDisposition.CreateAlways, EDSDK.EdsAccess.ReadWrite, out stream) It seems that the Canon EOS SDK is not able to download the image from the camera. I wonder if anti-virus software running on the Surface is preventing the image download.
  11. I uninstalled 3.1.16 and installed 3.1.18 on my Surface. Installed into a new unique directory. All three cameras (60D (asro), 5D3, 7D2) appear to function and can all take photos. But BYEOS not saving photos to the hard-drive. For none of the cameras. Log files attached. I looked at log files and noticed Cache error (missing files). I have a clean install of 3.2.0 RC2 on my home laptop and it had the cache files. 2 files for each directory, names seemed to be the same as the missing files being looked for by BYEOS in 3.1.18 so I copied those into the Cache folder on my Surface and tried again (7D2 only). Took photo in 3.1.18, and still not saved on the PC. That log file attached (identified with Cache fixed) logfile-[20200405-11h22m32s944]-[3076]-2020-04-05-7D2-3.1.18.txt logfile-[20200405-11h30m27s230]-[7252]-2020-04-05-5D3-3.1.18.txt logfile-[20200405-11h35m00s752]-[2112]-2020-04-05-60D-3.1.18.txt logfile-[20200405-12h25m17s554]-[14724]-2020-04-05-7D2-3.1.18-Cache Fixed.txt
  12. Perhaps that should be added as a request in the Suggestion Box Forum.
  13. Fichier envoyé Demain je fait les liens du document cordialement
  14. Thank you guys. The 60D is a new astro-mod camera I just received so I have been trying to test it out. I now understand that the dial mode on the camera should match the mode in BYEOS. My confusion apparenly stems from my previous experience with the software where I was using my 7D2 pretty much exclusively and it does not have this issue. The 7D2 can be either set at M or B and take pictures with BYEOS no matter what mode I set BYEOS to. I also connected my 5D3 and it has the same issue the 60D had. I presume because it is a slighter older model than my 7D2 it does not have the internal camera programming that allows B or M functionality regardless of the camera dial setting. Thanks,
  15. Certainement, support [- @ -] otelescope.com.
  16. Bonjour Daniel, malheureusement, il n'existe actuellement aucun moyen de renommer le nom de fichier de la deuxième instance.
  17. Bonjour, Depuis longtemps la commande en simultanés fonctionne à merveille, le seul problème consiste à la nomination des objets, sur l'apn maitre pas de problème, par contre sur le deuxième il y a problème impossible d'avoir mes images nommées, ex: sur le maitre = ngc 165 .......sur le deuxième la nomination est "40d slave300800+10c00021" si une personne à la solution je suis preneur Merci @+Daniel
  18. Salut Stefan, C'est très généreux, merci pour l'offre. Comme vous le lisez sur le forum, je reçois cette demande de temps en temps. J'opère O'Telescope les nuits et les week-ends uniquement (j'ai un travail de jour exigeant) et il n'y a tout simplement pas assez de cycle pour que je puisse consacrer de l'énergie à la traduction du manuel. Vos efforts sont grandement appréciés et une fois terminés, je serais certainement prêt à envisager d'inclure le manuel avec l'installation par défaut. Je vous remercie
  19. This is still an install issue. This you re-install in a separate folder? Please re-install in a separate folder. Alternatively, please try 3.2.0 in the pre-release download section, I've made a few changes that should work.
  20. Bonjour, J’ai une licence trial de votre logiciel. Je pense l'acheter. Pour pouvoir l’exploiter convenablement j'ai commencé une traduction en français. C'est une demande fréquente dans le forum, seriez-vous intéresse. Il n'y a pas de contrepartie ce sera à votre bon vouloir. Vous pouvez me contactez pour que je vous envoie le fichier si vous êtes d'accord. Dans l'attente de vous lire. Stefan
  21. byeos 3.1.18 just updated. Can post details of the error if needed. Will not come out of the red colored skin when clicking the button to switch between dark mode. When trying to connect to camera, the select driver screen does not have any of the 3 choices in the box. Tried reinstalling and restarting PC still broken.
  22. Last week
  23. You didn't indicate which Mount you have, but... If you have a Celestron or Sky-Watcher Goto Mount (AVX, CGEM, EQ-5, EQ-6, etc), then you have the All-Star Polar Alignment system built into the Hand Controller. ASPA can use any portion of the Sky, with any of 200+ "Bright Stars" named in the HC Software. The results are along the order of 10's of arc-sec - about as good as any Drift Alignment - and can be completed in under 5 minutes. I've used it to produce 10-15arcsec Alignments (as verified by PHD2). Just another option...
  24. Rotating the crosshairs so that East/West motion is parallel to the horizontal crosshair line makes it easier to see the North/South drift. If you have a partially blocked view then you should get as close as you can to meridian, east horizon or west horizon along the celestial equator. This is where the motion is most sensitive to polar misalignment.
  25. Okay, but let's suppose I can't use PoleMaster (I can't see North Pole). Why do you suggest to rotate the cross in the drift alignment in BYE? I can't see that as part of the method. Since I use Netwtonian telescope, my usual thinking in the drift alignment is that: When pointing South, if the star moves DOWN, I turn the scope WEST. When pointing EAST, if the star moves UP, I turn the scope DOWN. Why should I rotate the cross?
  26. admin


    Well something worked because I see the upgrade key on the server.
  27. astroman133


    If you have a 3.1 license key than you have the latest license. The one-line key that is in your My Purchases screen is good for any 3.1 version. All you need to do is download and install 3.1.18 and it should recognize your 3.1 key.
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