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  3. I signed up for a trial of BackyardNIKON on Sunday. After installation the program was working fine. Today I've tried to run again and I receive a license activation error. I've uninstalled, re-downloaded, and re-installed but I am still receiving the same error. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I just installed for the first time and have the same issue.
  5. After using the trial three times in the last week, I went to use it again tonight. But this time I got a message saying my computer had to be connected to wifi and that I must have the latest version installed. I have wifi, and I have version 3.2.1, which I believe is the latest version. Any idea what may be the problem?
  6. Unable to activate the license and therefore can't start imaging. The software worked just fine last night and no config changes on my system. "Trial keys require Internet access and MUST use the latest release....." Please advise.
  7. Hello. I recently got the trial version of BackyardEOS and every time I try to validate I get the message "License Activation Error! Trial keys require Internet access and MUST use the latest release; make sure to download the latest release." I have tried it on version 3.2.0 (the most current download version that I could see) and version 3.1.18, which is the version that it says my trial key is for. I have also tried disabling my firewall and it also did not work.
  8. admin

    Validation issue

    Download the latest 3.2.1.RC4 in the pre-release section.
  9. I am having this same problem. Upon opening 3.2.0 Trial and entering the key and identifier (username), the window displays: "License activation error! Trial keys require Internet access and MUST use the latest release; make sure to download the latest release." I've tried turning off Windows defender firewall and get the same result. The Internet is on and working.
  10. I suggested uninstalling version 3.1 because you said "Anyway, I uninstalled it and install the version and tried again." You cannot validate a Trial license on that old version.
  11. The very first time I installed the app it was version 3.2. That's when it told me I had to be on the latest version to validate. So I doubt this suggestion will work as it was the first thing I tried. I thought I was clear on that in my original post. Also, I downloaded the app from the machine I was installing on. Can't do that without internet.
  12. Ok, been wanting to remove this validation for a while now... and I just did. Please download 3.2.1.RC4, that validation is a thing of the past.
  13. Odd, I see from the server logs that you have also downloaded the 3.2.1 release candidate, do you get the same error?
  14. I purchased ($0.00) a license key for Backyard EOS trial edition, but when I enter it into the downloaded program, it gives me an error message: License activation error! Trial keys require Internet access and MUST use the latest release; make sure to download the latest release. I have downloaded setup-BackyardEOS-v3.2.0, but keep on getting the same message when I try to input my trial key. The message I got with my trial key registration said 1 x BackyardEOS 3.1 Trial Edition [OTL-BYE-T] LICENSE KEY which is not the latest version. I don't know how this ha
  15. Yesterday
  16. Looks like your anti-virus or firewall may play a role in all of this. The call to the server is a simple REST API call and the servers is always on 24/7.
  17. Looks like your firewall or antivirus is preventing the call to the server to validate the key. You may have to disable them momentarily for the activation process.
  18. What you are experiencing is not normal. Do you use a VPN or have firewall or router rules that may block BYE from accessing the license server? If you purchase a permanent Classic or Premium license BYE has no need for an internet connection.
  19. The following message appairs when validating Backyard EOS 3.2.0 trial version: "License activation error! Trial keysrequire Internet access and MUSTuse the latest release;makesureto download the latest release." I have downloded the release available when purchasing,
  20. If your license is a free 30-day Trial license then it definitely won't work with 3.1.0 which is very old (like from 2014). Also permanent license keys for 3.1 are compatible with 3.2. Here is my suggestion: Uninstall 3.1.0. Install 3.2.0 Enter your license key and identifier into the validation dialog. Your identifier is the username of the account that you used when you got the Trial license. Also, to validate the Trial you must have an internet connection. And, while you are using the Trial license you must have an internet connection every time you start BYE/BYN
  21. Hello, I just signed up for your trial but the validation tool isn't working. I downloaded 3.2 but my key says it is for 3.1. The error it gives me is that I need to upgrade to latest version, which I find odd as I am on the latest version. Anyway, I uninstalled it and install the version and tried again. When I use my key and identifier, it just keeps returning back to the validate button with no messages. If I change the identifier to my email address it comes back and says that I need an internet connection. Then when I go back to using my identifier, it just keeps going back t
  22. Good evening: I downloaded the trial version of BYE on November 17 and periodically it gives an error as if it was not connected to the internet (which I am) or the provisional license or identifier were not correct (and it is not so). I don't know if it is a program error or there is a frequent crash of the BYE servers and it cannot connect to check the license. Does this also happen in the paid version?
  23. Rick, RegiStax 6 can open a SER. You have to change the file type to "LuCam Recorder SER" in the dropdown or I believe you can just drag and drop it. Like s3igell says, PIPP prefers SER files and it can be used to reduce down the number of files/frames using the Lucky Imaging technique. That helps overcome the issue he mentions of too many JPG images so you could then use RegiStax (the wavelets is still the best out there). However, I have found it is easier to deal with a few SER or AVI files than a few thousand JPGs.
  24. Last week
  25. Some older Apps have problems importing a Massive Number of Files at a single go... I'll again request whether it is possible to implement some simple Lossless Compression for the AVI Files - either Run-Length-Limited or Key-Frames. One would hope that with the world moving to "Video Everything" that there were a simple Library out there under one of the Freeware Licenses.
  26. AutoStakker!3 and PIPP use SER inputs - the latter prefers them...
  27. Try changing your download folder to be in the Windows virtual C drive rather than on vmware-host. The UNC path is causing BYN to report errors in the log like: ERROR - Object must be a root directory ("C:\") or a drive letter ("C"). Although I do not know if that is causing your issue since it worked for a few images. I also wonder whether Windows is going into power saving mode and powering down the USB port.
  28. Hello Admin, I was able to see many request being sent out from BYN, but there was no response from the D7500. I was using a 15m long USB 2.0 active cable. After using a cable of under 1 metre, I was able to run BYN without any issue. After so much of testing, I have logged in and out of VMware more than 10 times. Please revalidate my key, as I am unable to login for the day :-). -Abhijit
  29. darwin-t

    Picture size

    That is a really great gif! My ISS photography is completely different. In order to use a DSLR for it, I really need to get one that does video. Here is my page about ISS photography. My mount can track satellites using a program called Sky Tracker. http://darwinsastroworld.com/ISS2.htm
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