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  2. WOW! Are you serious... you don't even have a license of BYN tied to the account you just used to post this. There is also no email history using your email associated with your account stevenr.
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  4. I am ticked off that the creator will not refund money when his product does not have the same functionality as BYE. He blames Nikon but will not refund my money. Either fix it or give me my money back you jerk off. Business ethics are actually taught in college. Give it a try instead of sending shitty emails to people that complain about your shoddy programing.
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  6. In fact there are some who say that with modern DSLR cameras, dark frames are not even necessary. See the article at the following link for more information --> http://www.clarkvision.com/articles/dark-current-suppression-technology/
  7. There's a lot of debate over the use of LENR for DSLR AP Imaging. The proponents claim that LENR ensures that the Darks are as near the Same Temp of the Lights as possible - since DSLR Sensors Heat-up over the course of an Imaging Run and are otherwise unregulated self-cooling. The detractors (including myself and Guylain et al) claim that the Loss of Imaging Time for all those 1-to-1 Dark Exposures is more important - since one can process well with 10-15 Darks against a stack of 40-60 Lights (or more). (And: many of the Canon and Nikon DSLRs don't support LENR via their SDK, making it difficult for BYE/BYN and other Apps to know what is going on when the Camera simply "remains busy" for several minutes after it has signaled that the Exposure has ended...)
  8. astroman133

    Latest version

    Melvin, At the top of the pages on this site are tabs. You are currently on the Support tab. You need to switch to the Downloads tab. It shows that the latest version of BYE is 3.1.17 and the latest version of BYN is 2.0.10. Also, you said that you "have the Premium version". Premium is your license type and is not related to your version. The same license can be applied to any of the latest versions. The authors have evolved their licensing over time, so if your version is really old you may need to upgrade your license to obtain a new license. There is no cost to do this, but you must follow the procedure that is detailed on the Upgrade tab for your product in the Store section of the web site.
  9. Nelson

    Latest version

    Hello, I am sure this has been asked in the past but what do I do to check for the version and also what do I do to upload the latest version. I have the Premium version but have not upped the version for ages so I have forgotten. Could you help please? Regards Melvin Atkins
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  11. Envoie-moi un courriel a support@otelescope.com et je t'envoie un coupon. Merci.
  12. Mais j'ai donné 30% de rabais a l'achat de la version premium dans le passé. Si tu est preneur je dois créer un coupons rabais pour utiliser dans ton panier.
  13. I don't get the 12 seconds thingy either. It does not make any sense
  14. BYE works fine otherwise. I am loving it. The problem is only when LENR is enabled. Funny that the issue is with exposures longer than 12 seconds. Looks like I will need to start a dark library. Thanks, Steve
  15. J'ai vendu ma caméra Canon puis j'ai acheté une Nikon. Ma question, existe t'il une option de transfert de license de EOS vers Nikon ou bien un rabais pour transfert de license étant donné que je n'utiliserai plus la version BackyardEOS pro déjà payé. Merci
  16. Thanks for your speedy reply Guylain. I narrowed it down to a bad repeater cable and it runs perfectly now. I'm going to download latest version later. Thanks for your help
  17. BTW, I did look at your log file and your camera got disconnected from your computer - that is the root cause. 019-06-14 14:49:04,006 [OnDirItemRequestTransfer(217804232)] INFO - WARNING EDS_ERR_COMM_DISCONNECTED : EDSDK.EdsDownload(imgRef, dirItemInfo.Size, stream) You need to figure out why it disconnected. Bad cable? Cable snag? Bad/empty battery?
  18. 3.1.3 was released in 2015; it's more than 4 years ago. Please download the latest version and report back if you still get the same behavior. Regards,
  19. Your post is confusing, sorry Does it work without Long Exposure enabled? I can't tell from your post if you tried this or not. BTW, long exposure noise reduction is a myth that people seems to think they need. Creating a dark library is much more efficient and gives you more time to take more light frames. Regards,
  20. Having an issue with the in camera "Long Exp. Noise Reduction" option. Only one exposure is taken in the series. Sometimes it indicates it is aborting. Other times it just does not take the second image. Log says "Imaging session completed successfully". Playing around with different exposures the option works for up to 12 second exposures. Beyond that it does not work. BYE is set to "In-Camera" option. I have "Pause" set to 5 seconds plus beyond the dark frame exposure. Is it something I am doing wrong with regards to the settings? Thanks, Steve
  21. Hi Guylain, Thanks for a great product. I'm having problems with freezing on download, I have attached the log, I hope it's the relevant one. The freeze is random, it can go for several subs quite successfully before it freezes' I would appreciate you taking a look and see if you can resolve it for me. Camera is a 600D and I'm currently using v3-1-3 Best regards David Phillipson (user Galileo) logfile-[20190614-14h43m10s065]-[3748]-2019-06-14.txt
  22. This is something which should have recorded hints to the Log, right?? Meaning that How to submit Log Files for Support Issues might be of help...
  23. EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! is a CANON DRIVER error. Re-installing will almost always fix this.
  24. This is very odd. Looks like the display event was lost or not processed. If it happens again let me know. Regards,
  25. I too get this error. I had used BackyardEOS previously on an older laptop running Windows 7 without issue. However, that's now gone and I have a newer Dell Latitude 5490 running Windows 10 (patched and up to date). Just downloaded 3.1.17 and installed with license. My camera is a EOS-760D Log:- 23:30:46 Attempting to connect camera... 23:30:46 Canon drivers 'Canon\' initialized. 23:30:48 760D-T6s CONNECTED! 23:30:48 EdsInitializeSDK() ERROR! Extra info:- Premium Edition 3.1.17 Built on 2019-02-22 EDIT Should have read Zimmer's post. Re-installing in a new directory fixed the problem
  26. Software version BYE 3.1.17 Prem. Ed. 1502 Camera Canon T6i I've been using BYE for several months and like the simple and intuitive interface. I was imaging at a dark site last night and was 128 frames in (lights and darks, two filters) and was attempting to recenter the target in the Imaging window. After making directional adjustments with the mount I would take snapshots and check for movement by comparing to the thumbnail of the previous preview image. The apparent movement abruptly stopped, despite hearing the mount motors as I made adjustments. I toggled back and forth between imaging and focusing modes to see if there was a software hang up, but still no apparent movement of the target in the images. As I was packing up to go I noticed the directory had frames after the image I remember being hung up and these frames showed the target movement I was expecting. Apparently application simply stop downloading the preview images to the Imaging window even though they were being saving in my directory. Any idea what was going on? Greg
  27. The SDK is available. I'll download it and try to make it work. I may need a tester Ping me in about 1 to 2 weeks if I haven't reached out yet.
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